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Please help us with our Survey

Under Council’s conditions of occupancy, members of the Coochie Men’s Shed cannot use power tools or do hammering or chiselling at any time. Our response to these restrictions has been to commission an independent Sound Engineers Report.  This new independent report clearly shows that the restrictions are not justified. Using real on-site testing, it has been shown that neither power tool usage nor hammering or chiselling exceed Council community requirements or EPA noise regulations.  However, as well as submitting the favourable report to Council, we would like also to include an accurate survey on the level of community support for the Men’s Shed on our island, regardless of engineer’s reports and so forth.


You can help us in this by filling in the survey below and advising whether you

  • support the men using power tools, etc or

  • don’t care either way or

  • are against them using power tools.

Your information submitted on this page will not be released to another party.
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