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The President Speaks...

By President, Bob Corpe

We are finally moving into our new shed! Our store room is rapidly filling with equipment and tools that the Coochie community has so generously donated. Without the support of the island community and a very strong and determined committee I am sure we would not have been as successful as we have been so far.

The Men’s Shed is all about mateship and the mental health and wellbeing of its members and we look forward to helping the island community in any way we can and cooperating and working with our new neighbours, the Gym and the Op Shop.

The Men’s Shed has agreed to maintain and service the Progress Association’s wheelchairs and gazebos as a service to the community. We are looking for as many new members as we can with membership fees at $30.00 including insurance for the year.

For membership queries call Bob Corpe 0412 190 982 or 3820 7002.

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