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Article for Coochie Island News, August 2019

This month in the shed, we re-clawed a large black lobster (wooden), and began re-assembly of a bright pink child-size ride-on car.

The resident Honda motorcycle sits patiently in pieces awaiting attention and occasionally receiving some, while in the meantime, men have installed wall-hooks in the Progress Association medical equipment storage room, even while unexpectedly coming under intense scrutiny and questioning from Council inspectors. Other men have been breathing life into a collapsed cupboard. Unquestionably, it’s a rich life at the Shed.

For my part, the richest experience comes through the impromptu gatherings, where men take time to talk quietly and listen attentively. The life experiences of the men of the shed are diverse, surprising and often intense. It’s an education to sit and simply listen, coffee in hand, as the morning sunlight floods the room through the window and the open door. If a man on the island feels isolated or lonely, the Men’s Shed is a good place to be.

As communication is an important part of Shed life, the men of the Shed are considering splitting the week into two segments, with Tuesdays and Thursdays dedicated to social gatherings, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday being work or project days. Saturday would be a mixed activity day. The Shed hours would remain the same, 9am to 12 every day except Sunday. This proposal will be considered at the next Shed general meeting. The Men’s Shed contact details can be found on our website, Email is

Just a quick note about the noise report. The results are back and are very encouraging, but it turns out that more work needs to be done before we submit it to council for assessment, so the saga continues. More details to come.

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